Global warming
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température record inJanuary 2020 for Europe
Global warming
réchauffement planétaire
High temperatures
Températures élevées


bilan thermique
économie d'énergie
POËLES a granulés
prix du baril
réchauffement climatique
TVA à 5% pour les travaux d'isolation thermique
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Global warming

The reheating of the climate has for consequence to become depopulated lands and to pull(entail) their deforestation. In the dry or semi-arid zones, the drought will pull(entail) the degradation of lands and reduction in the rate of humidity. We shall notice mainly aftereffects in the Middle East, in Africa and in dry parts(parties) of Asia. This deforestation will bring the planet in a vicious circle because emission of gas and CO2 will be less and less absorbed by vegetables, stressing the effect of the global warming, which has its tour(ballot) will pull(entail) the drying out of the forest and agricultural lands, and so on.

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