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Tax credit 2018

Joineries(Joiner's workshops) and boilers in the fuel ruled out(moved away) by the QUOTED
Several notable changes should arise however in 2018, and in particular concerning the tax credit for windows, front doors and insulating shutters(sectors). Indeed, the rate of this help passed from 30 % to 15 % on September 27th, and it is true until next March 27th. 

As from this date date, " these equipments will not be eligible any more in the tax credit. On the other hand, the profit of the rate reduced of VAT in 5,5 % applicable to the services(performances) of acquisition and pose(installation) of these equipments will remain acquired until December 31st, 2018 ", indicates the ministry. 

A choice which aroused, unsurprisingly, deep reactions within the UFME. " This decision is all the more difficult to accept for the professionals of the window, as her(it)