The global warming deteriorates
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The global warming deteriorates

The global warming deteriorates

According to the NASA, February exploded all the records of heat with an increase of 1,35°C. MeltyDiscovery tells it to you a little more.

At the beginning of the year, we learnt that January 2016 had been the first month of the year the hottest never registered(recorded) on the planet. It was also the 9th consecutive month during which the average temperature on the planet beat a monthly record. In February, things did not unfortunately improve. According to the figures of the NASA, in February, 2016 was hotter of 1,35°C with regard to(compared with) the average and so beats the records of heat on the planet since the reliable statements exist (XIXè century). It becomes the 10th month consecutive to have seen an average temperature beating a monthly record

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Commentaires RSS on dimanche 14 avril 2019 08:16
Global warming is increasing day by day due to the increase in heat and pollution also. the use of artificial products like refrigerators and air conditioners are ruining our environment. Steps must be taken the citizen as well as government level to control this.
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