COP 21 reheating limited unless 2 °
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COP 21 reheating limited unless 2 °

COP 21 reheating limited unless 2 °
The COP 21 ended on Saturday, December 12th in the adoption, in the consensus, of the Agreement of Paris. This agreement consists of an introduction and 29 articles. The agreement of Paris is a universal, just, differentiated, long-lasting, dynamic, well-balanced and legally binding agreement. He(it) establishes(constitutes) a major step forward in the fight(wrestling) against the climatic disorders.

He(It) fixes for objective to contain the increase of the temperatures far below 2°C, and to try hard to limit her(it) in 1,5°C. He calls for it to a peak of gas emissions with greenhouse effects as soon as possible and in the neutrality of broadcasts(emissions,issues) in the second half of the century.